The Most Famous Artist: Desirable Goods

Mirus Gallery presents DESIRABLE GOODS, a solo exhibition by The Most Famous Artist aka Matty Mo, opening March 16, 7-10pm. Matty Mo is a Los
Angeles based contemporary artist and marketing entrepreneur best known for creating "The Most Famous Artist." Through this platform, Matty Mo makes social media themed installations, public stunts and exhibitions to challenge viewers to examine how technology and the Internet impact society.

The Most Famous artist will make his San Francisco debut with Mirus Gallery San Francisco. His solo exhibition “Desirable Goods” will feature 3 new series of works from the artist. The artist made the following statement about one of the new series, Static Paintings, “They mean nothing and everything. They were monotonous but meditative to produce. It gave me time to think about my own life. They are calm and chaotic at the same time. They offend the eye but draw the viewer. They are static but at the same time force the viewer to acknowledge the internal desire involved in the space between the change of life’s metaphoric channel. They are black and white but they make me recall color’s role in art and life. They are me celebrating simplicity and beauty. They are me in my current state. Somewhere in the liminal space between then and now.” The Most famous artist will transform the space with paintings and installation, and if you have followed the artist for long you can expect some surprises ahead. “Desirable Goods” will run until April 7th, 2018.