"Locals Only" Denver 2020

Mirus Gallery is pleased to present Locals Only, a group exhibition showcasing artists from the greater Denver area. Opening reception will be Friday January 10, VIP/Press Opening 6-7 PM followed by general admission from 7-10 pm. The exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing through March 13, 2020.

Featured Artists:
Aleo, Alex Rudd, AL Grime, Andrew Norris, Android Jones, Anna Charney, Brandon Rollin, Chris Bohlin, Colleen Tully, Cutty Up, DELA, Douglas A. Schenck, or (DAS), Eric Ronshaugen, Gage Kelsey, Jack Chappel, Jake Amason, Janelle Anderson, John Speaker, Johnny Draco, LowKey Creative, KoCo Collaborations, Kylee Sparx, Light Drips, Luke Rangel, Mark Scott, Max Kauffman, Michelle Weddle, Monte Zufelt, Morgan Mandala, Pharo1, Peter Westerman, Poposition Press, Pol Corona,Randal Roberts, Rebecca Barra, Stephen D Ferris, Travis Gillan, Zach Keiss, Zach Lampkin