Locals Only Denver

As Denver continues to expand and flourish, the creative culture in the city has found limitless nourishment and cultivation. The supportive attitude towards the arts has led to an influx of people, monetary investments in creative projects and a colorfying of the walls and streets. It’s an amazing time to be in Denver.

Mirus Gallery expanded from it’s homebase in San Francisco to embark on a new journey in the beautiful state of Colorado. Since our opening in May, we have committed to create an inclusive space for people to admire, critique, and learn. Our doors are always open to the public and we are aiming to facilitate a welcoming, environment for all to enjoy.

Locals Only is an exhibition to celebrate a variety of work that comes out of Colorado. We are representing artists of all styles, backgrounds and paths. We have selected approximately twenty-five artists that resonant with this expansive creative culture: Adam Ian Psybe, Alexa Fourier, Andres Acosta, Andrew Huffman, Anna Charney, Camila Galofre, Chris Bohlin, Colton Hindle Collections, Corinne Bee Bop, CT Nelson, Gerard Smithwick, Ian Spencer, Johnny Draco, Jolt, Justin Eastman, Kate McGregor, Mario Zoots, Nathaniel Fyffe, Noelle Phares, Ramón Bonilla, Rosston Meyer of Poposition Press, RUMTUM, Sandra Fettingis, Sarah Neubert, Steven Allen, The Crown Collection, Tod Kapke and Valerie Savarie.