Jaybo Monk

Mirus Gallery is pleased to present Mirus Denver’s first solo exhibition at our new Denver location, "ANALOGOUS" by Jaybo Monk. The exhibition opens Saturday July 7th, 7-10pm and runs through July 28th, 2018. 

About the Exhibition:

Jaybo Monk- philosopher, anti-philosopher, artist, poet, human, and anti-artist started to construct the idea for his latest solo exhibition “Analagous” by first deconstructing himself as an artist. By taking away those things that allowed him to create, he was able to birth new ideas and obstacles in a search to find authenticity. This painful process of deconstruction allowed Jaybo Monk to contemplate life without art and art within life and nature. By stripping back, the layers of the past decades of his work he was able to analyze patterns of abstraction and similarities that had presented themselves to his paintings and sculptures. This process of deconstruction is documented in the new body of work. What normally might be a fluid and cohesive flow of paintings that fit together as one, is replaced with a juxtaposition of work that travels throughout the artist’s career.

Jaybo Monks “Analagous” starts in a nonlinear fashion, by working without the notion of time or progression as an anchoring mechanism. Instead of seeing the artist create artwork individually, we see the artist creating works in groupings or assembled as a singular object. Ideas and mediums are collaged together then removed out of context, then possibly reintroduced in another work that it wasn’t intentionally made together with. The artist is utilizing sculpture, painting, photographer, drawing, and installation together to construct a larger narrative than just a painting. If Jaybo Monk is to have a signature style or aesthetic some might say it is his ability to create beauty and poetry with asymmetry and abstraction. His ability to render figurative and representational images fluidly with abstract and imperfect forms has been one of the artists most recognized gifts. So, it is impressive to watch the artist take this deconstruction and reconstruction process to a new level of intricacy. “Analagous is the synthesis of the artists spirit in all mediums available to the artist. Paintings are used more like brushes and brushes could become a concrete object of art instead of just an instrument. By turning the instrument and work of art on its head the artist is able to detach historical context and symbolism from these tools. What we are left with is an introspective solo exhibition where the artist is contemplating not only art, Christianity, art history, religion, nature, poetry, and humanity; but he is also contemplating himself, his process and a future version of art.

Text by Poesia


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