Gilbert1: Never Ending Fall

Mirus Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Gilbert 1 opening February 16, 2018 from 7-10PM with the artist present. The show runs through March 10th.

About the Exhibition:

Gilbert1’s process takes its roots in experimenting and evolving as much as possible and trying different mediums. He has found his own vocabulary assembling volume shapes with raw material in reference of a decadent world, and transforming his abstract letter graphics into deconstructed structures.

Creating in situ anamorphosis led him to develop an optical vision he enhances now in studio. Having worked recently the last years on black and white drawings and also as studies for tattoos - dotwork,  gradients, transparency, translations, negatives - brought him to research in depth, dimension and perspective.

For his first solo with Mirus Gallery, Gilbert1 wanted to work more in this direction, in order to integrate his usual compositions and graphics in a surrounding dimension and play with vanishing points. He was interested to work on depth and height sensations as a door which suddenly opens under feet, a kind of vacuum which could never stops and create another falling possibility axis.

About the Artist:

Gilbert1 is an emerging French artist from Paris, born in 1980. His works can be found in abandoned buildings, on the streets of French cities, and in various galleries. Having started as a graffiti artist, Gilbert1 now works in a variety of media. His body of work includes paintings, prints, drawings, murals, videos and installations. His installations are often made of reclaimed material and located in the abandoned areas. The artist has also been interested in calligraphy and typography for a long time. His likes spontaneous work where he can use found objects and implement them in existing architecture. His works feature unstructured and abstract figures, which serve as a metaphor for a decadent society. The new series contain monochromatic drawings and paintings on canvas and found wood. When he is not painting murals in quiet and abandoned places, such as military barracks, or working on his new studio series, the artist is busy with exhibitions.  

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