Damon Soule - Time PHIs

Mirus Gallery Denver is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Damon Soule.

Exhibition opens Saturday October 6th, 7-10 PM, 2018.

The 20 Year Retrospective is a complete view of Damon Soule’s body of work and how it has continued to evolve over the years.

Time PHIs

Twenty years is a considerable enough time to do any one thing. In Time PHIs, Damon Soule’s latest exhibition at Mirus Gallery Denver, we are treated to a focused survey of the artist’s work over the last two decades. 

Like the artist himself Damon’s work has never stayed in one place for too long. From his works in the 90’s consisting of container headed figures, floating in a collaged void, to his most recent works consisting of intricately drawn liquified quasicrystals, sculpted cardboard fractals, and e.a.t’s latest iteration of an interactive, etherial, sonic sculpture. This sampling takes us through a surprisingly nongranular journey of ever evolving sensibilities. 

“For me, this show is an introspection on my devotion to making stuff. I looked at this retrospective as an opportunity to get unapologetically self-referential. Looking through my old work got me excited to revisit some of the themes, materials, and aesthetic Iv’e all but abandoned along the way. As far as the title goes, it was just a silly pun. Though, on further reflection, the seemingly tenuous tethering of the golden ratio, and the concept of time is as good as any question to pose. After all, nothing is unrelated, and having a good naval gazing proposition to cram through your filter is part of the process.”

About the Artist:

Soule's work is highly complex and imaginative in both practice and concept. Fueled by his inherent investigative and obsessive curiosity, he employs an array of scientific and artistic systems to create his paintings including polarity, abstraction, alchemy, geometry, quantum physics, surrealism, molecular biology, meta physics, ancient symbolism, cosmology, Buddhism, sci-fi fantasy, cyber-infrastructures, the global, digital subatomic and infinitely vast multiverses we may find ourselves in at any given moment.

His use of bright colors and hyper crisp geometric patterns, interwoven through n-dimensional topographies, create abstract forms and Zen like mandalas that gravitate towards the infinite and eternal interconnectedness. Electrifying and activating the conscious and unconscious transcending both time and space. The viewer is immediately engaged in a visual dialogue between the artist and the divine Quintessence.

Damon Soule was spontaneously infused in our solar system via the planet Earth, 1974, and began expanding annually in a location sometimes referred to as the Crescent City. Around the age of four, he began work on his lifelong pursuit concerning the application of homogeneous forms to linear topography. Exposure to such a wide range of serendipity during his formative years provided him with a unique vision: “self-determined entropy can produce highly contagious effects,” he recalls. Damon’s visualizations have been exhibited throughout the universe. His work is included in the permanent collections of nearly all of his friends, as well as many private collectors.