Anamorphic Portraiture II

Anamorphic Portraiture is a dynamic group exhibition featuring acclaimed international contemporary artists working within the realm of disrupted portraiture.  Join us for the opening reception September 24, 7-10pm.  VIP and Press Advance Preview by invite only 6-7pm.  This exhibition will be on display through October 30 and is free and open to the public daily. 

Featured Artists: 

Alexis Matta, Ali Asir, Cristian Blanxer, David Crunelle, Dourone, Einar Ōlafsson, Eva Redamonti, Fintan Switzer, Gera1, Li Hill, Michalis Goumas, Pablo Merchante, Riso Chan, Shintaro Kago

About the Exhibition:

We currently live in a world wrought with overstimulation, rapid consumption, and mental illness that often causes one to question what defines an individual’s sense of identity. Science has shown that identity is largely tied to perceptual and neurological representation of facial features.  This exhibition brings into question what part of identity is brought to surface or manipulated when the facial features of a figure are morphed, de/re-constructed, or masked.  The artists exhibiting in this group consistently use methods of abstraction to create portraits representing facial tensions of inner conflict, emotional confusion, mental anguish, existential dread or even psychosis.